World Building

As a writer, world building is one of my favorite things to do. It’s the part of the writing process where I can just let my mind wander freely and create my own world, my own characters, my own stories. And that process is never-ending. I world build when I wake up, as I write, as I walk to class, in class, and pretty much every waking moment. Due to living in this world and in my head for years now, I would say that I’m fairly creative and generally good at world building. Yet at H2O’s men’s retreat this past weekend–rightfully dubbed Man Makers–Kent State’s band played the song So Will I by Hillsong United. Now, this is a song that I have heard dozens of times as it’s one of my favorite worship songs of all time. It speaks nothing but scriptural truth. And up until today the biggest part that stuck out to me was the line, “And as You speak, a hundred billion galaxies are born.” When I think of creation and the Big Bang this is exactly what I imagine: God speaking and the universe instantly responding. But as I listened to the song again during that last set at Man Makers, another line stuck out to me even more. It was, “With no point of reference, You spoke to the dark, and fleshed out the wonder of light.” This led me to one realization: my world building isn’t creating something new but simply creating something based off the thousands of reference points that I already have. God didn’t have reference points. He had darkness, absolute darkness. And from it He made everything we see around us.

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