Hello all! I know it's been a while since I last posted and that's been because, well, this past while has been one heck of a ride, as I'm sure you're all aware. Our world has shut down and is only just now starting to open back up a little and as a result churches have been forced to adapt, espeically churches like H2O that don't have a central building. So, I want to take some time to lay out what H2O has been doing during this time, what I've been doing, and what God's been doing.

As all of you are aware, the University of Cincinnati shut down mid-March due to COVID and thus, H2O, a campus church, was forced to go remote. Our change to remote wasn't rough, but it was by no means smooth right away. We tried a variety of methods to best continue reaching our students that were now spread throughout the continental United States. Live streaming was okay, but difficult to perfect without being able to set up a lot of equipment and be with eachother. Thus, we switched to prerecording everything (worship, announcements, the sermon, etc) and then having yours truly compile them all together for our Sunday Service video each week. This has been one of my primary responsibilities during this time and is rather enjoyable due to getting to listen to the sermon at least once before Sunday. Although, I will say, after editing worship and the sermon in 2x speed, going to listen at normal speed on Sundays has felt incresingly slow. Regardless, I've greatly enjoyed doing this and have been able to pick up a lot of video editing skills as a result. What some of you probably don't know, is that for most of this quarantine time my girlfriend, Laura, and I (yes, you heard that right, she posts all the photos, not me, so here is her insta with some photos) were up with my parents in Ashland. We went up to visit the weekend everything was shut down and decided to stay up there for the time being due to Ashland being a tad more socially distant than Cincinnati. We stayed up there until the end of April due to Laura's other job starting back up. So, we are back in Cincinnati, using quicklist, and staying in our house and away from all the crazies.

Outside of the quarantine, everything is virutally the same with us at H2O. We are still having our Sunday Services as described above and just wrapped up our series in Revelation two weeks ago by covering the eternal kingdom that is to come. This week, we will starting a new series over the exile (Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, Zecheriah) and I'll be getting an opportunity to preach for one of those sermons. Outside of Sundays, Laura and I have still been leading our Life Group virtually on Zoom each week and we are still meeting up with our friends and mentees via Facetime to stay connected. Different? Definitely. But doable.

The one thing this quarantine has affected that has greatly affected how H2O operates is by our ability to reach out to freshmen. Typically, our summers are spent sheparding those still in Cincinnati and spending a lot of time connecting with freshmen and other incoming students during thier orientation. Well, with the campus and the state shut down that avenue has been shut off almost completely. Therefore, we have been having to find new ways to discover incoming freshmen and make connections. We are reaching out to high schools in the area but also wanted to reach out to our individual support teams to try and make connections. So, if any of you know of anyone who is coming to the University of Cincinnati, I would love to be put in contact with them to help them find a good church and ministry to be engaged in during their college carrer. And, if you know of anyone who isn't going to UC but is going to a public school in Ohio or Indiana (or other states, I just have the most connections in those two), let me know as I can help put them in contact with someone there as well.

Below, I've posted the playlist on YouTube that all of our Sunday Service videos are uploaded to if you want to check them out!


Once again, I want to thank all of you who are supporting me either financially or via prayer through all of this as you are making it possible for me and the rest of H2O Cincinnati's staff team to reach the students at the University of Cincinnati. If you are not a part of my financial support team, I ask that you prayerfully consider joining me and my mission with H2O Cincinnati at a monthly amount by clicking on the give button on the top of your screen.

If you would like to stay more up to date with H2O Cincinnati or see more photos or videos than I upload to this blog, then check out H2O's Facebook page, Instagram, or YouTube channel!

God Bless!

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